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guardian world news

senate healthcare bill would cut insurance for 22 million americans, cbo says'political murder': anger after terminally ill chinese nobel laureate released from prisonkey senator says congress to stop arms sales to gulf until qatar crisis is solvedbrazil's president michel temer charged over alleged corruptiontrump travel ban: us supreme court partially lifts block on orderalbania's pro-eu prime minister set to win parliamentary majoritygoogle will stop scanning content of personal emailspotential martin shkreli jurors: we can't be impartial over 'most hated man' in usus to declare china among worst human trafficking offenders – officialsreporter's body found in mexico, marking seventh journalist murder this year

telegraph world news

white house accuses syria of planning another chemical attack, warns it would 'pay a heavy price'us senate republican healthcare bill would cause 22 million to lose insurancemodi's trump card: indian prime minister eschews handshake with president in favour of a hugrussia will envy navy's new aircraft carrier, says fallon, as hms queen elizabeth squeezes under rail bridgehms queen elizabeth sets sail for the first time for trials hms queen elizabeth squeezes out of dockyard for the first time - and russian spies are watchingrex tillerson 'increasingly at odds with white house' as secretary of state struggles to find a foreign policy middle-aged male office workers 'more sedentary than over-75-year-olds'hms queen elizabeth - onboard the royal navy's new warship, in picturesman arrested on suspicion of raping a four-year-old girl